We’re on the radio!

The Gigglers from the Diver Library

For 8 weeks during the summer of 2018, rockers of all ages gathered at Diver Library to write original music—to make songs. Some of these songs were silly, some thoughtful, some beautiful, and at least one was very scary! On August 15th the library closed its doors to the public, and with the help of some 518 friends, was transformed into a recording studio. On that day, drums slammed, guitars wept, piano keys sparkled, and kids giggled. “Lets Make a Song!” was born!

Earlier this month the gang was invited to WEXT studios to talk about their music with 97.7’s very own Chris Wienk! The program aired on the radio Tuesday, December 4th, but you can listen to it online anytime at http://www.wextradio.org/post/listen-local-518-lets-make-song.

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Road trip to our libraries as a family, or grab your friends and create a team. You might even set up your own Expedition Challenge among friends – who can visit the most libraries? Whether you travel in a pack or solo, you’ll earn prizes when you’ve visited 5, 15, 25, and 36 locations. 

To get your Expedition started, pick up a map at Diver Library. Then plan your itinerary for visiting any or all of our 36 community and neighborhood libraries! Click here for a list of libraries, how to find them, and some particular treasures to look for!